We don’t know about you, but no matter how much shopping we’ve already done, we usually add Christmas gifts for loved ones at the last minute. If you’ve already purchased sports gear for athletes in your family, we’ve got a great idea for stocking stuffers: custom mouthguards.

Actually, since they’ll need to visit our Valley, NE office for us to make impressions of their teeth, you can present them with a gift certificate for their guards. The dental impressions are what make our athletic mouthguards so much better than any kind you can buy in the store. 

A custom fit not only makes our sports mouthguards more comfortable to wear, it offers these added benefits:

  • Stays in the Mouth Better – With a snug fit, the mouthguard is less likely to get knocked out of your athlete’s mouth. It does a better job of protecting their smile. 
  • No Boil-or-Bite Process Needed – No frustrating fit adjustment is needed before the first wearing. 
  • Lasts Longer – With a better fit, your athlete probably won’t mouth a custom guard much – if at all. So it should last longer than a store-bought product. 

For a visual reminder of the importance of wearing a mouthguard, check out this video interview of actor Joe Manganiello. That shocking gap in his teeth came from a childhood sports injury. According to the American Association of Endodontists, about 5 million teeth get knocked out every year. Many of those accidents occur during sports. Teeth get broken and cracked, too. 

Keep your family members from becoming part of those stats. Call Twin Rivers Dental today at 531-221-1177 for custom mouthguards.