Bone Grafts Restore Your Oral Health With Implants
  • Replace the bone lost in your jaw
  • We have sedation options for you
  • Create a strong foundation for dental implants

Strengthen Your Jaw With Bone Grafts in Valley, NE

It’s a fact: your bones need stimulation to stay strong and healthy. When teeth are lost, the roots that stimulate your jawbone are gone as well. As a result, your jaw gradually weakens and loses its strength. If you’re considering dental implants, you may require bone grafts in Valley, NE. This procedure will:

  • Improve your jaw strength to support implants
  • Restore your oral health and mouth function
  • Help keep your facial structure intact
  • Get you closer to having your strong bite back
  • Make you a candidate for dental implants

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Preserve Your Smile With a Bone Grafting Procedure

If you are ready for dental implants, you want your new smile right away. However, implants need a strong foundation. If you have a weak jaw due to bone loss, it’s possible you will first need a surgical procedure. Dr. Rasmussen may recommend bone grafting to help you to move forward with implants. Other procedures may be necessary as well, such as a sinus lift to create room for implants in your upper jaw.

He’ll examine your mouth and take digital X-rays and 3-D scans. Then, he’ll review your options and discuss what’s necessary for implants. If you and your dentist are ready to move forward, here is what you can expect:

  • Dr. Rasmussen will place bone material in weak areas of your jaw. He’ll apply a platelet-rich fibrin to the surgical area. It’s a material that helps your body heal itself.
  • If you are nervous, sedation is available, including IV sedation. It puts you in a deeply relaxed state.
  • After the grafting procedure, your body begins to incorporate the bone into your jaw. It becomes a natural part of your body, strengthening your jaw to support implants.
  • You will return for progress checks during the healing process. We’ll ensure everything is going smoothly.
  • When your jaw has sufficient strength, we will place your dental implants. Before you know it, you can enjoy all the foods you love again!

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Common Questions About Bone Grafts

What is a bone graft?

A bone graft builds up bone in your jaw after you have lost teeth. Bone loss is a consequence of losing teeth because the tooth is no longer there to stimulate the bone beneath it. We’ll put a special material in the socket and cover it to safeguard the area. Over time, it will literally become a component of your bone as it stimulates new development. Because your bone is stronger, you can become a better prospect for dental implants.

Are bone grafts necessary?

One of the most common reasons for bone grafts is to strengthen a jaw so that it can successfully support implants. The more time that has passed since you’ve lost teeth, the more likely you may need a graft to receive implants. Without tooth roots to provide stimulation, the bone in your jaw begins to shrink – as much as 25 percent in the first year after tooth loss.

Are bone grafts safe?

When done by a highly skilled dental professional such as your dentist at our office, bone grafts are safe. Dental practitioners need training in this treatment and have to do the proper examination before recommending it. Still, it is not a complex procedure and is performed routinely at our practice. We can discuss any possible negative effects with you during the preparation stages.

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